just checking in

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just checking in

Postby Fowlskins » Wed Jun 11, 2014 4:30 pm

had a good chat with drinn last night didnt know you guys were active in tsw
anyone that dosnt know me im from the whitewolves guild and was part of the howl alliance in aoc for a short time with you guys
ive been back in secret world for a month or so trying to get our guild up and running from dead guild with one or two others but activity is still sporadic at best so would be good to grab a group with you guys once in a while if your doing anything

im still pretty nooby at the moment though so may be a while till im up to full endgame standard

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Re: just checking in

Postby Drinn » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:19 am

Hey mate. Yeah just hop onto TS from time to time there's usually a few of us around in the evening. We are in a similar situation but there are still bodies appearing when things are planned.

My mains in TSW are:
Drinn (Templar) - tooled up to 10.4.4 on all roles. Has some 10.5.4;

Septra (Dragon) NM capable but for the 1st 3 only really. Tank/DPS;

and Maelmordha (Lumi) - basic - Solomon Island tourist (Q3-5 greens and blues).

See you soon.

Main: Drinn BS80
Alts: Maelmordha DT80, Septra ToS80, Krinn Sin80, Trinn Barb80, Grinn Gu80, Prinn Demo80, Qrinn HoX80.
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